About Us

Like so many mothers, when my son was born I felt like I lost a bit of my sparkle, likely due to a combination of exhaustion and more exhaustion. 

I wore an endless uniform of leggings, beige, black and grey.  I ventured to wear a necklace once, but then my son ripped it off my neck spilling small beads in a million directions.  For weeks, I sighed as I passed my jewellery stand in the morning.

So began the exciting journey to form La La Beads. Together with my best friend Jo, we set out to create beautifully designed accessories that were safe to be worn around babies. We obsessed over colours, branding, beads..everything until we came up with the perfect collection.  We want our jewellery to look great - baby or not!

We always welcome your feedback, comments or hello's.  

Alyse x