Party Time - The Baby Shower!

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As an American, it goes without saying that I love a baby shower.  They can be a few close friends or the entire extended family. Traditionally just for women, I've been to co-ed baby showers with kids and dogs in tow - that were loads of fun.  Being American, the 'birth'place of the modern baby shower - I've been excited to watch the trend grow year on year here in the UK.  

There are two things that make baby showers fun. The first is that the expectant mum gets to spend time with her nearest and dearest all in one place - when else is she going to mix with her work-mate and Great Auntie all at one time?  

The second best thing is that the shower can be tailored to the expectant mums taste.  Lush afternoon tea at posh hotel? Done. Backyard picnic with homemade lemonade? Done. Sunday morning brunch? Done.  As they say... anything goes!

However, the logistics of planning a baby shower can be daunting. Here are some top tips to make the day go smoothly.

1.  Invitations.  

For me, everything is digital these days.  While paper invitations are lovely -- sometimes they feel a bit too formal. Instead, opt for a beautifully designed digital invitation instead of plain old email. has a great selection of beautifully designed invitations.  I love this one!

baby Shower Invitation

2. Flowers

Fresh flowers really do make a difference and don't have to cost a fortune. Using a wine carafe, milk jug or bell jar with a monochromatic colour scheme is a good way to achieve this.  Although the picture below shoes a dinner party, the neutral colours and simple flowers are simple and thoughtful.

White Flower Arrangement 

3. Games 

I love quizzes anyway, but I think they are particularly nice at events where people of different generations are mixing. The questions can cater to everyone, so all feel involved. Play single or in teams -- depending how many people you have. This website has some nice downloadable quizzes and games ideas. 


4. Gifts

The idea of the baby shower is to give the expectant mother all the things she may need for her upcoming arrival. Baby clothes, nappies, toys - it's no secret small humans require a huge amount of Kit.  Of course La La Beads teething necklaces make great gifts, because they are something for the mum instead of just for baby, which is always nice. A friend of mine had a baby shower where she asked only for second hand baby things.  Of course some people bought gifts, but it was a nice way to get some hand-me-downs from friends that had children and might be a little tight on cash.

Hope you found this helpful and enjoy the Par-tay!


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