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Right now, my mind is a whizz with a million La La Beads ideas.  Designs, colours, collections, marketing, promotions.  Focus, I must focus.

La La Beads has come together at long last, the idea was formed in the summer of 2014 and took months of discussions and brainstorming before we got to the point where we could launch.  It seemed so simple at first, but the more thought the project was given it was apparent that we had one chance to make our brand imprint and that it had to be done right.

So much of LLB's branding has been because of my bestie, creative mind extrodinaire - the fabulous Jo D.  She has been a major part in creating this vision and it was a sad day when she stepped away from the project to focus on her own, exciting life changes.  But when I put the website together, I realised that I needed to give her some major cred. I am sure her finger prints will be on many future collections and who knows what the future will bring...

But now we are here, launched, ready to dazzle our audience and put our print in the market. La La Beads has an incredible growth plan, vision and plans for the upcoming year.  Luckily, LLB's has incredible mentors with experience starting businesses and bringing products to market, that are on board to help us achieve our ambitious goals for 2016!  But the most important thing is to create designs that mums adore!

If I am honest, Silicone teething necklaces and beads aren't a new invention - they have been around for a while and are paticularly big in overseas markets like America and Australia. But we evaluated the market carefully and saw some real gaps here in the UK.  My personal opinion was that a lot of the designs looked like childrens toys (colourful, blocky) and not fashion pieces. It was really important to me that LLB was a product for mothers that they WANT to but - not another baby product.  In fact, I would go so far as to say, I want woman that AREN'T mothers to think the designs are awesome and wear them!   

There will be loads more from me - with all my thanks!

Alyse x.

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